Which is the Best Disposable Electronic Cigarette?

Finding out which of the disposable electronic cigarettes is the best one should be a tougher proposition with so many to decipher and choose from.  So far the ones I have liked the best have been brands like Clearette, Prosmoke, and V2 Cigs.

Mark10 Disposable E-Cigs miss the mark and are really a step backwards.  I have very underwhelmed as Mark10 fails miserably as a product and experience.  How on Earth they thought putting out something like this is beyond poor decision making.  It’s flagrantly going out of the way to put out a bad electronic cigarette.

The best disposable electronic cigarettes will always have a feel and look like the real cigarettes will.  The vapor smoke should feel like you are getting actual smoke.  The brands I suggest early on actually do that in their disposable and rechargeable renditions.  However, the NuMark disposable electronic cigarette gets a fail to the 10th mark.  Don’t bother with it at all.

Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Finding the best disposable electronic cigarette is not hard to do any more thinks to the endless electronic cigarette review sites and the internet.  No longer can companies get a way with selling inferior products.  If you put out a bad disposable electronic cigarette, the world will know about it.

If you sell a great disposable electronic cigarette, everyone will find out about it.  That is how it should work and is working for the best disposable e cigs.

In case you are having a hard time finding a top disposable electronic cigarette, we like to turn your attention to Premium Ecigarette


There disposable electronic cigarette will last up to 500 puffs which is the equivalent of three packs of cigarette.  It will cost you $9.99 for one disposable cig.  If you do the math that is about equal to getting the ability to smoke three pack of cigarettes for each $3.33 a piece.  That is a huge savings.

But besides the huge savings, these disposable electronic cigarettes actually smoke and feel like you are smoking a real cigarette in your hands.  They taste like a real cigarette and come in many different flavors and nicotine level.

Go to their website and check it out yourself  >>

Vanilla Flavored Disposable E Cigarettes

When you think of all the popular flavored disposable e cigarettes, the most obvious ones are tobacco and menthol.  After those two flavors, many people will have a hard time figuring out which flavor comes next.

Believe it or not, vanilla is a very popular disposable e cig flavor.  I would have personally guess, coffee but that shows what I know.


Based on what many of my friends tell me, most e cig manufacturers have done a great job of producing a nicotine based e cigarette that taste just like vanilla so perhaps that is why it is so popular.


Benefits of Disposable E Cigarette


Disposable e cigarettes have many benefits compared to smoking real cigarettes.

First, they don’t have any tobacco or ashes so 4,000 of those highly known toxic chemicals which are in real cigarettes do not exist with a disposable e cigarette.

Second, you don’t burn or light a electronic cigarette so there is no smoke.  The smoke that you see with a e cigarette is a water vapor.  The smoke looks like real smoke but it is not.  The smoke is odorless so there is no second hand smoke.

Third, electronic cigarettes do not stain your teeth.  You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars buying teeth whitening products.

Fourth, disposable e cigarettes do not cause bad breath.

Fifth, they are cheaper than the price of a regular pack of cigarette.

Sixth, there are no tobacco taxes so disposable e-cigarettes are cheaper than traditional cigs.

Seventh, once you are done, you can throw it out.  You don’t have to rechargeable it or anything.  The battery comes fully charged.

Selling Electronic Cigarettes


Selling electronic cigarettes online or at a retail store is going to get harder and harder as the big tobacco companies start to move into the space.  With their presence, new and more laws and legislation are being proposed, under the influence of the tobacco companies, that will make it more expensive for you to sell electronic cigarettes.

For example, Oklahoma, as a result of the lobbying by big tobacco, pasted a bill last March, that requires all stores that sell e cigarettes to buy their product from designated middleman.

This means that you can no longer buy products internationally and sell them in the US.

More and more laws are going to get passed to make this even more difficult to stay in this business so think twice before you get into the game.

E Cigarette Reviews!

We are going to post tons of reviews of electronic cigarettes.  We want to put up as many honest reviews so that people can find out who has the best disposable electronic cigarettes so that we you pick up one at the local store, you know what you are getting.